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Hard Money West is located in Oxnard, California (just across the river from Ventura) and our brokers have been serving the Ventura County community for many decades. As experts in hard money or private lending, we’re here to help residents and aspiring residents of Ventura get the hard money, non-QM or conventional loan they need.

About Ventura (for future locals)

The City of San Buenaventura, known as Ventura, is the county seat of Ventura County. Mission San Buenaventura was founded in 1782 and the city was incorporated in 1866. According to the 2020 Census, the city has just over 106,000 residents. (Ventura County has just over 843,000 total.)

The Mission is still a popular attraction today. The view from behind the statue of Father Junipero Serra in front of Ventura City Hall, looking down California St. towards the ocean, was one of the most unique and memorable representations of the city before it was removed. Nearby, Main St is a popular location with a lot of great restaurants and stores to shop in. The many thrift stores there are always popular as well. 

The most visited area of the city has always been its beaches though, with great, consistent surf and beautiful ocean views in every direction. The Ventura County Fairgrounds is a popular concert and events venue located right next to the aptly named Surfer’s Point in the City of Ventura.

If you love this area and believe in its future as much as we do, please let us help you find the right hard money/private or other loan for you. We work with all types of homebuyers, property investors and anyone who needs help with a property purchase or refinance.

Frequently Asked Questions for Ventura Hard Money Lenders

Often, borrowers in the Ventura County area ask the same questions regarding Ventura hard money lenders. These are our answers based on our experience closing thousands of loans.

What types of Ventura hard money loans are available?

At Hard Money West, we close private or hard money loans for borrowers in many different situations:

    • Purchase loan (including owner occupied hard money loan)
    • First time home buyer programs
    • Primary residence loan
    • Investment property loan
    • Cash out refinance (refi)
    • Reverse mortgage refinance (refi)
    • Construction loan
    • Bridge loan
    • Distressed property loan

Are bridge loans available from Ventura hard money lenders such as Hard Money West?

Ventura borrowers do have access to bridge loans through Hard Money West. A hard money loan is a bridge loan and allows borrowers to make all cash offers on property and close fast–in 7 days or less. Bridge loans are useful in a bankruptcy, probate or trust event as well. This mortgage product gives borrowers the ability to buy time until they can sell, transfer or refinance their property. 

Bridge loans are always available to borrowers who obtain Ventura hard money loans at Hard Money West!

We offer all these and other mortgage loan products backed or secured by Ventura County real estate!

Which property zones are permissible for Ventura hard money loans?

We offer hard money loans to residents and business owners in Ventura who own properties in many different zoning types:

    • Single family residence (SFR) (1-4 units)
    •  Multi-family residence (over 4 units)
    • Commercial
    • Industrial
    • Open land or vacant land
    • Retail
    • Mixed-use

Do hard money lenders Ventura residents are able to work with require appraisals?

No they don’t! Hard Money West works with hard money lenders in Ventura who do NOT require appraisals. This is part of the reason we can close in 7 days or less. As a result, your offer on a home will be much more competitive and you can tell the listing agent that you’re going to make a cash offer on the property. (This is not possible with conventional, FHA, or non-QM loans.)

How hard is it to get a hard money loan?

It is much harder to get a conventional loan than a hard money loan offered by Ventura hard money lenders in Ventura County. In order to get a conventional loan, the borrower must verify employment, document income, verify trust documents and jump through dozens of other hoops that take a lot of time and may kill the entire loan.

When you work with Hard Money West, you don’t have to worry about verifying employment, getting an appraisal or any other of the countless hassles that go along with getting a conventional loan. The lower interest rate is great, but for short term loans and in a competitive market such as Southern California, nothing beats the hard money loans Ventura residents have available to them with Hard Money West. Whether you need to purchase or refinance a home and you either can’t get a conventional loan or don’t have time to wait 30-45 days to close, we’re here to help!

What happens if you default on a hard money loan?

No matter what type of mortgage product you choose, if you default on the loan for long enough, it is very likely that you will lose the property. Hard money lenders have borrowers sign a contract that says if they fail to pay the mortgage, the property can be taken.

Borrowers should never take any loan if they don’t believe they will be able to make the monthly payment. We never suggest that course of action. However, there are many situations in which a property owner would lose their property without access to a hard money loan because no other mortgage product is available. Please contact us if you need help determining whether or not a hard money loan can help you save your property. We work with Ventura hard money lenders who can help when other lenders can’t or won’t.

Hard Money Loan Types

  • Purchase loan
  • First time home buyer programs
  • Primary residence loan
  • Investment property loan
  • Cash out refinance
  • Reverse mortgage refinance
  • Construction loan
  • Bridge loan
  • Distressed property loan