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Oxnard Hard Money Lenders & Loans

Hard Money West is located in Oxnard, California and our brokers have been serving the community for many decades. As experts in hard money or private lending, we’re here to help residents and aspiring residents of Oxnard get the hard money, non-QM or conventional loan they need.

About Oxnard

Oxnard has a population of over two hundred thousand and is located in a very dynamic part of Southern California: Ventura County. The area has two major universities, Cal Lutheran and California State University Channel Islands. The county also houses the two large military installations that make up Naval Base Ventura County: Naval Construction Battalion Center, home of the famous “SeaBees” in Port Hueneme and Naval Air Station Point Mugu, which frequently hosts B-52 Stratofortress aircraft.

The area is also well known for its agricultural resources. The Oxnard Plain has some of the richest, deepest soil in the United States and fresh fruits and vegetables are available all year long. Oxnard is a commuter community for the Greater Los Angeles Area, which itself has a population of over eighteen million residents. Lastly, the Oxnard area includes beautiful beaches and some of the best weather in the world.

If you love this area and believe in its future as much as we do, please let us help you find the right hard money loan from a private lender or other mortgage product for you. We work with all types of homebuyers, property investors and anyone who needs help with a property purchase or refinance.

Frequently Asked Questions for Oxnard Hard Money Lenders 

Borrowers in the Ventura County area frequently have similar questions for Oxnard hard money lenders. Here are some of our answers.

What types of Oxnard hard money loans are available?

At Hard Money West, we offer hard money or private loans for various situations:

    • Purchase loan (including owner occupied hard money loan)
    •  First time home buyer programs
    • Primary residence loan
    • Investment property loan
    • Cash out refinance (refi)
    •  Reverse mortgage refinance (refi)
    • Construction loan
    • Bridge loan
    • Distressed property loan

Do Oxnard hard money lenders make bridge loans available?

This is one type of hard money loan Oxnard residents have available to them in order to make an all cash offer on a home with a much faster closing than a conventional or non-QM loan (as little as 7 days or less). It is also very useful during bankruptcy, probate and trust situations in order to hold a property and buy time until other actions can be taken. Borrowers using Oxnard hard money loans always have the bridge loan available to them as an investment tool from Hard Money West.

We offer all these and other mortgage loan products backed or secured by Oxnard real estate!

What types of property zoning does Hard Money West work with for hard money mortgage loans in Oxnard?

At Hard Money West, we have hard money loans for Oxnard residents and offer this and many more options for various types of property owners, including but not limited to:

    • Single family residence (SFR) (1-4 units)
    • Multi-family residence (over 4 units)
    • Commercial
    • Industrial
    • Open land or vacant land
    • Retail
    • Mixed-use

Are appraisals required by hard money lenders Oxnard residents have access to?

No! One of the main advantages of working with Hard Money West’s hard money lenders in Oxnard is that most do NOT require an appraisal. This allows you to make a more competitive offer than the majority of homebuyers who are using conventional loans.

How hard is it to get a hard money loan?

Oxnard hard money lenders make it much easier to get a hard money loan in Oxnard than getting a conventional loan. There is less paperwork, no appraisal, fast closing in 7 days or less (compared to 15-30 days or more for the conventional loans we broker). A conventional loan application requires the borrower to answer dozens, even over a hundred questions. Hard money applications on the other hand only require that the borrower give a name, property address and show proof of ownership of a property in the case of a refi or the purchase contract in the case of a purchase.

What happens if you default on a hard money loan?

As is the case with a conventional or non-QM loan, if you fail to pay your hard money mortgage payment and fail to work with the lender to remedy the situation, you are in danger of losing your property. We see the products we offer from Oxnard hard money lenders as a tool to use when the borrower cannot get a conventional or non-QM loan. We’re here to help you find out which loan options are available to you and pick the best one for your situation. We use private loans from Oxnard hard money lenders ourselves so we can help you refinance out of a hard money loan to a non-QM or conventional loan when the time comes.

Hard Money Loan Types

  • Purchase loan
  • First time home buyer programs
  • Primary residence loan
  • Investment property loan
  • Cash out refinance
  • Reverse mortgage refinance
  • Construction loan
  • Bridge loan
  • Distressed property loan