About Hard Money West

Hard Money West was founded in 2021 to offer clients throughout California and beyond our decades of experience as licensed mortgage brokers.This includes access to some of the top private lenders in the country, with whom we’ve developed close relationships throughout the years.

The right loan for the right situation

On top of that, we’re experienced mortgage brokers of FHA, conventional and Non-QM loans (DSCR, ITIN, etc–please see our mortgage products page). As a result, we can let you know when you can get a better rate and terms with another mortgage product. Whatever your situation is, we can help you determine the best loan program for you.

Fast, simple solution

Over time however, we’ve learned that private or “hard money” loans are often the best solution because borrowers aren’t bothered with income verification or the many other requirements that go along with conventional and even non-QM loans. Whether they’re used as a bridge to save a property from foreclosure until the borrower can refinance to a lower interest rate or to build a new home, private loans offer homeowners and investors many opportunities to build wealth. Not only that, many of the lenders we work with are ready to close in 7 days or less, meaning you can make a stronger offer on a property or salvage a refinance when other options fall through at the last minute and you’re on a deadline.

Hard Money experts

And that’s why we got into this business in the first place. We’re investors ourselves so we know what it’s like to be in your shoes. We know how important it is to close loans fast when you find a property you want or you need to refinance to save your investment. When the time comes, we have the solutions to your mortgage needs. Let the hard money experts help you make the best decision for your future in real estate investment!

Ramiro Garcia

NMLS #342036

Ramiro got into the business over 20 years ago and has worked for some of the most successful mortgage brokerages in the country, including his current role as branch manager of Edge Home Finance’s Oxnard office. He closes over 100 loans per year and has helped thousands of homeowners and investors throughout his career. He is also an active real estate investor himself.

Jacob Ford

NMLS #1926040 – DRE #01982110

Jacob Ford got into real estate investing after the 2008 housing crisis and successfully renovated and sold homes and held investment properties for profit. He received his MBA at UCLA and has a passion for real estate investment analysis. He is also a licensed Realtor and mortgage broker for Ramiro’s Edge Home Finance branch in Oxnard.